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Attensee measures where people pay attention. It mimics eye-tracking but does so without any extra hardware or invasive special equipment. The Attensee interface is as natural as using any web-browser. People use the mouse pointer to bring one part of the screen into clarity, and it updates in real time as they change their area of focus. Users naturally decide what to look at and where to look next and the web based software simulates focal and peripheral vision as they do. With it, you can measure people's engagement with the page content. Rich data is produced that allowing you to understand what draws and holds people's attention in the online world in a way that is scalable, cost effective, and reliable.

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To see an example of how this works, just move the viewer window with your mouse pointer. This is a natural and intuitive representation of information acquisition, which has been scientifically studied and validated. Understanding the behavior of people as they pay attention to different things online gives us insights into how they use information and more importantly how they make decisions in this environment.

The viewer's size corresponds to human foveal vision. At 20 inches (50 cm) away from the screen, which is the average distance for most users, the foveal vision is an ellipse of about 1 inch (2.5 cm).

Attensee captures data including viewer positions and time spent in particular areas of a webpage, which yields deep insights into real user's attitudes and behavior. Using Attensee web content providers can learn the paths that people follow as they navigate web pages. Different web designs can be directly measured and compared in terms of how they affect user experience or change user behavior. Rather than guess if a particular design is attention grabbing, Attensee can tell you precisely what is sticky and what is not.

Attention is the most valuable resource in the digital economy. Attensee is the way to measure and understand user attention without having to interrupt people as they use the web anywhere.

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